Meet the Governors

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The overall management of the school is the responsibility of the governors. They work closely with the Head and Local Authority to appoint staff, ensure that the National Curriculum and statutory policies are implemented and monitor the budget. They represent parents, the Local Authority and the local community.

The Board meets 6 times each year and governors’ committees meet regularly and report back to the Board. Minutes of all these meetings are available in the school office.  We have a Finance and Personnel committee and Headteachers Pay and Review and Teachers Appraisal committee.  We also have governors with a specific role and responsibility.  SEND, Health and Safety, EYFS, Child Protection, Website, Data Protection, Governor Skills and SFVS.  Our governors have individually taken on responsibility of 1 or more of the 4 key priorities from the School Development Plan.

Our governors also support the school in a more informal capacity by supporting individuals and groups with their learning in class, accompanying classes on trips and attending school events held throughout the year.

Our Governors are:

Chairperson                           Kate Webber 
Vice Chair                               Kate Rowe

Local Authority Governor     Arthur Llewellyn
Parent Governor                    Kate Rowe

Staff Governor                       Rose Boyce

Co-opted Governors             Liz Gould, Andrew Nicholls, Amanda Davis, Paul Senior and Kate Webber

Associate Member                Jo Crook

Headteacher                          Victoria Withers

Clerk to the Board                Kate Knowles

To view in depth information about our governors please click the Governor Details link. Governor Details and you could click on Get Information About Schools (GIAS) and this will take you to the Government website which holds information on our governors.

To View our governor attendance for Board meetings dating from 2015 onwards please click on the Board Attendance link. Board Attendance

To View our governor attendance for Committee meetings dating from 2015 onwards please click on the Committee Attendance link. Committee Attendance

Our Chair of the Board can be contacted via