Maple Class (Yr 1 and Yr 2)

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Maple class are really looking forward to our adventures around the world this term!

Our daily writing lessons will also work within the theme of around the world. We will be exploring writing letters and the key features of these. We are also going to explore writing adventure stories and how we can make our writing more exciting for the reader.

In Maths we have been working hard at improving the speed and accuracy of our mental addition and subtraction with 1 Minute Maths 4 times a week. We will also be learning about position and direction and how to read graphs as well as recapping our knowledge of the four key operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We will be using lots of practical contexts and use the skills we have already learned to help in problem solving questions.

Within Science we are learning about Animals and their habitats. We have really enjoyed conducting our own experiments growing cress last term and are looking forward to learning more about fair testing in science experiments and how we can become scientists ourselves.

We are also really looking forward to exploring our learning theme of Around the World through Geography, Computing, Art and R.E. We are looking forward to learning about the royal wedding in May as well as countries that will also celebrate this event.

PE is every Friday afternoon with Miss Alvis. This term we are going to focus on gymnastics and taking part in simple competitive races as we ready ourselves for Sports Day. Please make sure you have a full PE kit in school every Friday which is suitable to be worn indoors and outdoors if the weather permits.


Key information:

Homework: Please return homework today to the red Homework book tray at the front of the classroom on Monday. Remind your child/ren to add any team points they have earned to the box when they return their book. Homework will then be given on Wednesdays and stuck into Homework books.

Spellings: The children have done an amazing job at learning their spellings so far! Spellings are give out by Wednesday each week and are stuck into their reading records. They are then tested on the following Monday.

Club tables (Year 2 only): Club table practice sheets are stuck into Homework books on Wednesdays. The children are then tested on them each Tuesday. They have 3 minutes to complete the questions independently. They will progress through the 2, 5 and 10 times tables before challenging themselves with the 3 and 4 times tables.

Reading: Reading homework will be in the children’s reading records on Monday to Thursday this term. Please complete these and sign to show it has been completed. Please do not feel limited to the reading homework and book that goes home. Any extra reading can be recorded here too and it is amazing to see the children reading around their own interests at home. The children usually get the chance to visit the library every Friday and it is great to see how enthusiastic they are about taking home new books to read each week.