Holly Class (Yr 3 and Yr 4)

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What a great start to the Spring term! A successful visit to Bristol was enjoyed by the children in Holly and Willow class and lots of follow up learning is already taking place.                        

The term has started with a new topic titled, Bristol. The children will be looking at the human and physical features and use of land in Bristol. we will be looking at Bristol through history and changes that have taken place. The children will study different land uses in Bristol such as the docks and suspension bridge.

In science we have started learning about light and shadows and how light travels in straight lines, bouncing and reflecting off of shiny smooth surfaces. We will be learning about how dangerous the sun can be and looking at shadows and how and why they change with movement from the light source.

Literacy will be a mix of recounts, persuasion and poetry. In maths, children will continue to grasp the skills in finding fractions and using money.

Please could we all make a huge effort to help our children to learn the list of year 3/4 spellings located in the back of homework books. I know many of you have made a great start.

Please be reminded that homework is handed out on a Tuesday and must be handed in by the following Monday. Swimming takes place every Wednesday morning and PE takes place every Wednesday afternoon.